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WW-11 Tyler Dare vs. Cheyenne Jewel
Duration: 31 minutes
Sample Clip:
Stars:Cheyenne Jewel, Tyler Dare
Genre:Female Wrestling
Hold:Arm Wrestling, Armpit Choke, Body Scissor, Choke, Flexing, Full Nelson, Head Scissor, HOM Smother, Kimura, Rear Naked Choke, Side Scissor, Straddle, Stretching, Struggle, Triangle
Description:Tyler Dare and Cheyenne Jewel share a hotel room for sessions during a recent East Coast Swing. However, they both schedule a session during the same time slot. One of the women will have to re-schedule her session, but which one and how to settle their difference? With a competitive wrestling match of course! They've both been getting on each other's nerves anyway, so why not? Introducing WW-11, Tyler Dare vs. Cheyenne Jewel! Both women are in fantastic shape. Tyler has leaned down and is more muscular than ever. Cheyenne has been hitting the gym hard, preparing for an MMA fight. They decide to start with Arm Wrestling, and match muscle for muscle with both arms with each other. Neither woman is able to put the other down for a stalemate. So now it's time to do battle. This is the "Classic" Grappler vs. Wrestler scenario. Cheyenne has been training in BJJ and Tyler has been scissoring men senseless in sessions. This match is an entertaining see-saw battle. Tyler uses her big legs and her crafty quickness to catch Cheyenne in a couple of scissor holds and gain advantage over Cheyenne. Cheyenne uses her BJJ skills to trap Tyler in a few unbreakable submissions. By the end, one woman takes control and wears down the other. Who will it be? Which woman gets to do her session on-time, and which one has to explain to her client in the lobby why their session was canceled? WW-11, Tyler Dare vs. Cheyenne Jewel is 31 solid minutes of All-female action with stereo sound. The download is 1280 x 720p, 3500kbs, and 866mb. We recommend a high speed internet connection to download this amazing production. Check out Tyler Dare's and check out Cheyenne's Utopia Star Profiles. Enjoy!



Utopia Entertainment - Female Wrestling - Tyler Dare vs. Cheyenne Jewel - Cheyenne Jewel, Tyler Dare