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Sunni Ray

Location: Houston, TX
Height: 5'8
Weight: 165
Hair: Blonde
Eyes: Blue
Measurements: 38-27-38
Biceps: 13
Thighs: 24.5
Calves: 15
Favorite Body Part: Delts
Competes In: NPC Figure
Interests: Reading and hiking
Sessions: Yes
Favorite Holds: Reverse Head Scissor
Sunni Ray Says: I love to mix it up and got into the sport in no-holds-barred catfights. Right now I'm learning some real moves, both in grappling and submission wrestling and having some fun at it. If you want a session, I'm happy to show you how strong my scissors are, or maybe even semi-comp, but I don't want to injure you or get injured, so no fully competitive please. Maybe I can interest you in a little muscle worship, I can wrestle you down and flex on top of you! Oh the possibilities ...
Kip Says: Sunni Ray is a super cool woman from Houston and when she walked in the door our jaws dropped at how naturally beautiful she is in person. She's just learning how to wrestle and scissor, so don't expect an expert, but she has an amazing presence and put 110% effort into the shoot and thrashing our big dude, King. After some deep conversations, we found out behind those sparkling blue eyes and blonde hair, she's pretty smart too!
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