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UTCS-100 Green Card Grappling!
Sample Clip:
Stars:Warrior Amazone
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Ankle Scissor, Arm Bar, Arm Choke, Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Lotus, Reverse Figure 4, Smother, Standing Scissor, Straddle
Description:In UTCS-100, Green Card Grappling,German blonde beauty Warrior Amazone, is looking to become an American citizen and has been hanging out with Dominick, who has promised to marry her, and thus pave the way for her ti get a green card. She has been keeping him happy by feeding his mixed wrestling habit almost daily. Problem is Dom has a legal issue and his Lawyer has told him he cannot marry her right now, and she can forget about getting citizenship. Warrior Amazone explodes with angry and dials up the punishment in what will be the last time Dominick ever wrestles Warrior Amazone! Warrior Amazone is big, curvy, strong, and a lusciously muscular, wrestling machine. Her thighs are tan, creamy smooth, and thick on the outside, and man-eating muscle on the inside. She practices wrestling and grappling daily and tours the world wrestling men. She has become extremely dangerous and can put a man in peril in seconds. If Dom thought he was wrestling with her before, he has a new reality facing him now! Holds of note in "Green Card Grappling" include body scissor, grapevine, head scissor, figure 4, front scissor, front figure 4, facesit, standing scissor, ankle scissor, armpit choke, and Warrior's awesome, smothering, reverse scissor and reverse figure 4 which she applies in several different positions and variations. This clip features excellent lighting and camerawork that Utopia is known for. In the end, Warrior Amazone fleeces Dom's pockets of all his cash and then addresses the audience direct. A marriage proposal you won't want to miss! Enjoy!