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UTCS-188 Kiniku vs. Zac!
Sample Clip:
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Arm Choke, Arm Triangle, Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Grappling, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Other, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Head Scissor, Reverse Triangle, Side Scissor, Takedown, Throat Scissor, Triangle, Victory Pose
Description:Kiniku is a super athletic German woman living in Spain. She is best known for her competitive spirit and 6-pack abs. She loves to wrestle both men and women and has been sessioning since 2015. UTCS-188, Kiniku vs. Zac is her first match for Utopia, thus an outdoor rendition of "Holy Shit this Woman Can Really Wrestle" shot on location in Barcelona, Spain. Zac loves to wrestle as well, and at the beginning he makes fun of both Kiniku and Utopia and that is the last time he smiles for the rest of this match! Kiniku takes Zac down and works a nice variety of grappling locks including an arm triangle, rear naked choke and body scissor combination, armpit choke, leg triangle chokes, guillotine, and a few other brutal chokeholds. Kiniku is really bearing down and out for blood, but Zac proves to be pretty tough. However, the overall pressure Kiniku brings to bear on Zac's trapped neck is too overwhelming. Now that Zac is softened up, it's scissortime! When Kiniku scissors him, her legs expand with solid muscularity. An aerial side scissor, several reverse scissors, a classic head scissor, followed by another grappling guillotine and rear naked choke, give way to some more scissor punishment as Kiniku straddles Zac and makes him submit as she victoriously flexes her awesome biceps. Lastly a humiliating slap in his face to show once and for all who is boss! Kiniku vs. Zac is 11.5 minutes in length. Enjoy!