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UTCS-205 Introducing Eckobelle!
Sample Clip:
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Body Scissor, Figure 4, Flexing, Grapevine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, Rear Naked Choke, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Scissor Slams, Scissor Snaps, Victory Pose
Description:Eckobelle is a lusciously thick national level, female bodybuilder, with biceps measuring 15," quads in the 24" range, and unbelievable eye-popping calves in the 17" range. She came to Utopia through another session girl who credited us with teaching her how to wrestle and scissor. Indeed, she heard about "Kip's Wrestling Introduction 1A" and she was all in. Eckobelle proved to be a really fast learner and we were impressed with her attitude, professionalism, and the ability to take Steve to the brink of consciousness in under 5 seconds. She's such a quick learner in fact, she went home and put her profile up on Session Girls that night! We shot 4 clips with Eckobelle this day and the rest will be coming out soon. In UTCS-205, Introducing Eckobelle, she has had one wrestling lesson, encompassing couch scissoring and some mat work and now it's time for her get those huge, powerful legs around Steve's willing neck! Eckobelle loves to tease and taunt her prey and she goes from soft and sexy, to neck-breaking intensity at her whim. If you can't break free, (and Steve couldn't) you're completely at her mercy. She loves to leg snap, and leg slam while scissoring, and with a little more practice, she's gonna become downright dangerous! Her hip-thrusting grapevine is a thing of beauty. Over and over she teases Steve and then rams forward, as she stretches out her legs, sending shockwaves of pain into him. Steve is no pussy and he tries to lift his arms off the mat, but each time Eckobelle forces him back down. Holds of note in this 13 minute offering include: head scissor, figure 4, body scissor, rear naked choke, grapevine, hip-thrusts, reverse head scissor, reverse figure 4, scissor slams, scissor snaps, and victory pose. You'll love newcomer Eckobelle in her first mixed wrestling video and right now she's only on Utopia! Enjoy!