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UTCS-215 The Works! - Starring Wonder D
Sample Clip:
Stars:Wonder D
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Description:Wonder D is a tall, ripped, IFBB Women's Pro living in NYC. In UTCS-215, The Works, Wonder D does just that, throw's everything but the kitchen sink at young Steve. It's mostly Wonder D scissoring, but includes roughly 2 minutes of facesitting, and 2 minutes of foot worship, as well as about a minute of Steve worshipping D's muscular thighs and calves. Wonder D is shredded and vascular beyond belief, right in between 2 Pro bodybuilding events, and she was in a no-nonsense "I'm gonna squeeze the shit out of you mood." Wonder D told us she wanted to be mean "to Steve today" and we (with Steve's permission) said emphatically "YES!" So, Wonder D set out to put a hurting on Steve, and this is an incredible scissoring! Her thighs are nearly 24" and her calves are massive at 16." When she tightens her thighs around Steve's neck, and clenches her ass cheeks together, you think she might pop his top right off. We've all heard the comparisons of a woman's scissorhold to a Boa or Python, but no-one personifies that more than Wonder D in contest condition. Trapped in her reverse figure 4, paralyzed within her leggy grip, Steve's head is literally engulfed in-between her fantastic muscular gams and he's being smashed and smothered at the same time. Since this shoot, we have nick-named Wonder D "The Human Anaconda!" However, Steve is a gamer, and this is honestly some of the roughest treatment he has taken to date. Grueling holds of note include: Classic head scissor, figure 4, standing front scissor, standing figure 4, reverse scissor, reverse figure 4, standing reverse figure 4, grapevine, hip thrust, body scissor, rear naked choke, HOM smother, muscle worship, front scissor, front figure 4, side scissor, side figure 4, throat scissor, reverse facesit and foot worship. After the shoot, even D checks in on Steve, as our normally talkative jobber sat silently in the corner taking stock of his faculties. TRT 15 minutes, enjoy!

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