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UTCS-75 Sheena vs. Nick!
Sample Clip:
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Ankle Scissor, Arm Bar, Body Scissor, Boston Crab, Bow & Arrow, Breast Smother, Camel Clutch, Chin Lock, Figure 4, Flexing, Foot Choke, Foot Worship, Front Scissor, Full Nelson, Grapevine, Guillotine, Head Scissor, Hip Thrust, HOM Smother, Leg Lock, Leg Nelson, Lotus, Other, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Guillotine, Reverse Head Scissor, Reverse Triangle, Scissor Snaps, Side Scissor, Victory Pose, Wrist Lock

Part 3 of The Quadrilogy is UTCS-75, Sheena vs. Nick and begins with Sheena dragging Nick to the mat under protest because he's just gotten trounced by Warrior Amazone. What follows is a 14 minute annihilation, as Sheena decides to simply show off by humiliating Nick and placing him in as many holds as possible in the time allotted. We counted 37 pro and amateur wrestling moves, holds, and scissors. Nick will literally never be the same, if he ever decides to work for us again. Sheena senses Nick's afraid of her. After all who hasn't heard of her take no prisoners attitude? So she figures she'll just get it out of the way at the jump, and make Nick's scissor nightmare a reality and locks the reverse figure 4 on him within the first 17 seconds! When Sheena let's him free, she drags him to the middle of the mat and bam, it's the straight leg reverse head scissor! We're 43 seconds in and he's had enough. But that doesn't stop Sheena, for the rest of the 14 minutes she literally turns Nick upside down and inside out. Enjoy!

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