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UTCS-93 Harassment Scissors!
Sample Clip:
Stars:Claire Irons
Genre:Mixed Wrestling
Hold:Figure 4, Flexing, Front Figure 4, Front Scissor, Head Scissor, Reverse Figure 4, Reverse Head Scissor, Standing Front Scissor, Standing Reverse Scissor
Description:Petite fetish model Claire Irons (aka Fit Little D) returns to Utopia in a entertaining role-play about sexual harassment in the work place. In UTCS-93, Harassment Scissors, Claire enters as the secretary wearing a mini dress and heels. Derrick is her boss who immediately grabs her ass as she bends over to have him sign some paperwork. Claire scolds him and threatens to report him to HR, but when he does it again, Claire flips a switch and flips the script on Derrick. She sits on the desk and puts her legs over Derricks shoulders to invite him in for a closer look. When Derrick leans in Claire snaps her Venus fly trap closed and teaches her boss a lesson he won't soon forget, by mashing him deep in a front scissors and front figure 4.  Then she flips him around and pulls him back for a classic scissor and classic scissor 4. Next Claire kicks him to the floor, removes her dress revealing her fantastic breasts, and angrily mounts him for a 4 minute long reverse head scissor and reverse figure 4, followed by a 2.5 minute standing scissor.  Beautiful Claire is one of the best role-play actresses in mixed wrestling. Plus, she loves to dominate young macho boys, so she really got into this one.  Her physique is built from 12 years in the gym, and is packed with lean, hard muscle.  She may be tiny, but her thighs are thick and strong and she has Derrick gasping for breath and seeing stars throughout. Near the end, while standing over him topless and scissoring his head at the edge of the couch, sexy Claire flexes her awesome biceps for us in both front and reverse head scissors.  Excellent lighting, cool angles and close-ups highlight the action. Enjoy!